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12/22/20: There's now a 2nd Series UK page.
12/27/20: There's now a 1992 OPC page
12/29/20: There's now a 1st Series UK page.
2/14/21: There's now a proper FAQ
2/20/21: There's now a Vintage Back Variations Page
    - also see this page with pictures of all 1sts on one page
2/20/21: The the alphabetical crosslist links now show all back variations
     -  Try Kook-Aid for example.
2/24/2021: The Flashback II page is now complete, with scans of all border variations.
3/2/2021: The Store has been reopened.
3/5/2021: The Forum has been reopened.
3/24/2021 New page on Wacky Packages Books
     -  Including working out all six coffee table printings and coffee table bonus stickers
WARNING DEALERS: Robert Karaszi is a thief, he stole two valuable items from us in a mail-fraud scam. If you refuse to deal with him, he will offer 20X what something is worth to try to suck you in, don't fall for it. His ebay ID is "outpostindigo" you can block him from bidding here. He obvioulsy didn't think this through because he is now offering to pay us back to clear his name. Well it's too late for that.

Note: It's not libel if it's true and we possess incontrovertible evidence. If you are Karaszi's lawyer, call me, I look forward to hearing from you and I look forward to seeing Karaszi perjure himself in court.


Wacky Pack Brethren Needs Help
May 4th, 2021: Rusty Erpenbeck, one of the giants in Wacky Pack reserach and curator of has been struck down in the prime of life with serious medical condition.

If anybody can help, please visit this gofund me page

Mysterious 1st Series Sheet Discovered

March 24th, 2021. This very strange 1st series mockup sheet turned up showing Bandache and Skimpy were pulled and were to be replaced with 4th series titles. Read more here

Coffee Table Book Stickers Sorted Out

March 21st, 2021. We finally figured out the situation with the coffee table book stickers. Read about it here.
December 11th, 2020: Epic auction ended on Dec 10th on Heritage. Sold for $49,200.00, this is the first full 1973 1st series box that has come to light. Although it's known that the owner has more than one.
August 16th, 2020: Amazingly, a new Lost Wacky mysteriously turned up recently on Heritage. Clearly intended for the 1969 Wacky Ad series.


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