Credits for the Wacky Packages web page Credits for the Wacky Packages web page
Many people helped in the building of this site, literally dozens have provided information or labor in one way or another. The following list is just a short list of those who made contributions (in alphabetical order). If I left anybody off, I apologize, and if you email me I will rectify.

All HTML, all PHP scripts and 99% of the images were tooled by myself Gregory R. Grant. I wrote the forum code from scratch. This is a fan enthusiast project not a business and we're committed to remaining spam free. So, if you appreciate it and want to help, please consider making a donation. It will be tremendously appreciated and will help keep this site going. The plan is to fund it with an endowment that will allow it to live forever, because I'm not going to live forever. But hopefully I live long enough to raise the funds to make it happen.