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2nd Series OPC
- 1973 -

  • This series was basically a Canadian reissue of the 2nd Series Topps issued in the U.S. in 1973.
    • However there are only 25 titles, eight titles from the U.S. 2nd series did not make it into the Canadian version.
    • We're not 100% sure this came out in 1973 and not 1974, there are no dates on the box, pack or stickers, or even code numbers that infer a date.
  • The stickers were released with tan backs only
  • Not counting back variations, this is considered the most difficult OPC series to complete
  • The front of the checklists make up a Gadzooka Sugarmess Puzzle, as in the U.S. 2nd Series.
  • There's reason to believe this series was actually the 4th and final series released in Canada.
Gurgle Baby Food
Botch Tape
Sugarmess Bubble Gum
Plastered Peanuts
Ditch Masters
Commie Cleanser
Chicken Fat
Schtick Blades
Blecch Shampoo
Boo-Hoo Drink
Fish-Bone Dressing
Kook Cigarettes
Awful Bits
Blunder Bread
Vile Soap
Brittle Soap Pads
Log Cave-In Syrup
Gyppy Pop Corn
Ultra Blight
8-Lives Tuna Bones