Posted September 23rd, 2021

Here I will detail a bit of what you can expect if you deal with Robert Karaszi from Kannapolis, North Carolina.

In the summer of 2020 I sold Karaszi two coffee table books off my site for something like $80. He asked me to send him the tracking number when I shipped them. It took me a few days to get to the PO, but less than a week.

Karaszi has my email and phone number. In fact he believes his purchases come with the right to stalk - he expects you to listen to him whine and complain about everybody in the hobby, my phone was ringing several times a day.

But when he was wondering about the tracking number, that's when he decided not to call or email me about it, but to call the police. This is a guy who knows me for 20 years and knows I've never stolen anything from anybody. So why did he do that? It wasn't a week since he made the order. He did it because he's crazy.

I got a call from the chief of police in Kannapolis, asking me if I could please send Karaszi the tracking number, so he can get him off his back and attend to important matters. I was so shocked to get this call, in 20 years in business that was a first. I commended the officer for even taking the case. I told him here in Philly it's hard enough to get them to investigate a missing person. But in Kannapolis, a missing tracking number is apparently a call to action. The officer was sympathetic to me and I was sympathetic to him and we had a nice chat.

I should have never dealt with Karaszi again after that, but better judgement evaded me and he soon after purchased two PSA 9 cards from my web site for $290, paying with paypal.

I express mailed them and he wrote me the next day saying "I received today, the Kong-Fu Gum, and the Shot Tissue. Very nice cards. Very pleased. Thank you. This is the kind of PSA high quality graded card I desire."

A week later he decided he needed to own something that another collector has in his collection that was not for sale. Karaszi messaged this person through PSA but the person did not know how to reply so asked me to let Karaszi know the card is not for sale. I sent Karaszi a simple email to that effect.

Minutes later my phone rings. Karaszi uses fake names to make calls, because otherwise people know better to answer. I made the mistake of answering it. Karaszi is having an extreme temper tantrum, demanding to know why the person wasn't "man enough" to contact him himself. Karaszi cannot stand not getting his way, so he said he was going to pay $5000 for the card - which was worth maybe $200. I told him I didn't want to get involved in his dispute with a third party and I do not believe that's a real offer anyway. I mean nobody is stupid enough to pay $5000 for a $200 card, not even Karaszi. I never got to say another word. Karaszi screaming and cursing told me he was going to punish me for not taking his side and he hung up.

A day or so later he files a claim with paypal saying I sent him the wrong cards. He gave paypal a picture of two other graded cards, claiming those were the ones I sent. That's how stupid he is, he showed the serial numbers of the cards he said I sent him. It was easy to verify that he purchased those cards elsewhere. I got signed testimony from the person he actually bought one them from, just a few months earlier. Paypal didn't care, they froze my $290 and told him to retun the cards for a refund.

I tried to explain to paypal that he was returning the wrong cards. They don't care. Then Karaszi sent me a package, but it did not have the cards in it, instead he mailed me some garbage. Again this is how stupid he is, he did not even make the package weigh enough to contain two PSA holders.

So with all this evidence, basically proof beyond any doubt, I filed police reports and gave a full accounting to paypal. Paypal didn't even read it, they just sided with Karaszi. They must have some millenial burnout with an IQ of 80 pretending to read these things.

So I tried to get the DA in Kannapolis to press charges. They said they can't becuase I agreed to be ripped off as part of paypal's user agreement.

That's the new reality of our world, corporations like paypal get to be judge, jury and executioner and the true rule of law has gone by the wayside.

Knowing I have truth on my side, I posted a warning on my website, hoping to save others from the Karaszi experience. As soon as he saw it, obvioulsy he tried to bully me to take it down, but he's so stupid that he even wrote me this:

"If you were just not so huffy, and 'appreciate my many years of loyalty, and the thousands of dollars I gave you years ago and STILL would have.' But you made one mistake YOU SHOULD NEVER MAKE WITH A SERIOUS CUSTOMER SUCH AS I WHO IS WILLINBG TO PAY BEYOND TOP DOLLAR."

So the fact that he bought stuff from me 15 years ago apparenty continues to obligate me to do his bidding. That's what you sign up for when you deal with this entitled infantile clown.

So here is is admitting that what I did wasn't sending him wrong cards, it was not taking his side in his dispute with a 3rd party. That somehow justifies in his mind becoming a criminal and a thief, not to mention a collosal douchebag.

As soon as Karaszi realized he cannot bully me, he again called the police demanding they do something. I can only imagine how often he calls them and what they must think of him. Anyway, they told him to think twice about taking me to court unless he was sure he could win. But he cannot win and he knows it. So he offered to pay me back the $290 if I take down the warning. But that would be a disservice to the hobby and basically he wins by getting the cards he stole for what he was supposed to pay for them anyway, and wasting untold hours of my time.

This warning will stay up forever, because I care more about you, who may be saved from the same aggravation I went through, than I care about $290.

He will try to pay you a premium to get you to overlook his criminal inclinations. But in his mind, with a premium, comes the right to stalk you. Be prepared for thousand word emails several times a day, and your phone ringing off the hook. Pay close attention to his words about how he bought stuff from me 15 years ago and so now I am obligated to be his bitch. You will be next. You can try to be polite, but it won't work. This is they kind of person who would return a PSA 10 because it isn't good enough for him.

If I could go back in time I would never answer his first message, and I certainly would not have continued to deal with him after he called the police over a tracking number. The crime he committed againt me qualifies him for ostracization from the hobby, and polite society in general. If your his next victim, don't say you weren't warned.

Yours Truly,
Gregory Grant