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message: 350
name: Joe
email: Jenny56709@aolcom

Now that I started collecting Wacky's chicks dig me and my hair is starting to grow back. I feel like the 6 million dollar man. Thanks man, U R the best.

date: 11:02 pm - Friday, July 16, 2004

message: 349
name: Hally Crane

ive just stared geting them,but there great.I love them.But today when I went to 7 11 They were all sold out,So I think your doing really good with then.Hally

date: 7:17 pm - Friday, July 16, 2004

message: 348
name: Mark Poroli
email: prettymonkey

My wacky fantasy is to have all the original series 1-16 existing art (wherever it may be) photographed or scanned and put it in hardcover coffee table book format probably in volumes. I have neither the money nor resources to do this. Such a venture would be risky but if there's any true wacky art lover out there with money to burn and the time then DO IT!

date: 3:17 pm - Friday, July 16, 2004

message: 347
name: coltan

im so greatful that i have all the cards iv printed some off and made them like aquaflush i used tinfoile and gell and a lot more it was very fun doing it what is a url im not putting anything anything there incase i do somthing do you know what i mean there and don quinn mustbe relly old i have a question where do you get the old shcool packeges and is this going to target

date: 5:38 pm - Thursday, July 15, 2004

message: 346
name: ams

Loved this sight, growing up we had a jigswaw puzzle of the wacky packages, our whole family would work on the puzzle together, my mom kept the puzzle in her closet as she had that off-beat sense of humor that made these so popular.

date: 7:43 pm - Tuesday, July 13, 2004

message: 345
name: Carla Davis

Great Kids Item...
My Girls collected these back in the 80's now I have a son that is in to collecting them also.

of course with his big sister's incouragement

Now all the kids at school want them too..

date: 12:23 am - Monday, July 12, 2004

message: 344
name: Ben Goozner

Hey man! Hi again! This is my second message in the guess book. I liked to read posting no. 347 from Sandi. It showed that prehaps the new Wackys are a success! I was wondering about whatever that will be true or not because the 1985, 1986 and 1991 Wacky Packages series wern't.

I had a dream I saw the 2nd. 2004 series! The packs were yellow in the dream.

date: 5:43 pm - Tuesday, July 6, 2004

message: 343
name: J. D.

Wow! Wacky Packages! They DO prompt fun memories from the mid 70s when many of the boys with whom I rode the bus to middle school collected them. It was interesting, but our bus loaded up at our midle school first and then rode over to the nearby high school to wait for it to release students so we could all ride home together. That was enough time for a few boys to stop at a SMALL store between the two and buy Wackies and Now and Laters for everyone before meeting us at the high school. Wackies adorned most of our notebooks and we loved them! I remember, though, that no one could ever find Tricks, so of course we all wanted it. Finally, however, one boy found it and he suddenly had to field pre-teen business offers for it. I do not recall what I offered him except that it was multiple Wackies, but he traded with me, so I had what was for us the rare card! Honestly, I have thought little of Wackies in the last 20 years, though it is amazing that when I use or see certain products�Liquid Plumber, Tang, Ragu, etc.�how the names come unbidden to me. Liquid Plumber will ALWAYS be Liquid Bomber! To bring this full circle, My wife, son, and I were camping near Anderson, South Carolina when I found a comic book store there and just wanted to check it out; that is one hobby that I never lost. As I was paying for my comics, I looked around the register, and there was a sight that caused the memories to flush over me�a box of Wacky Packages! I could not believe my eyes, and remarked to the girl working there about my surprise at seeing them. I did not buy any then, but thought about them more and more, and when I came home, decided to do a search on the Internet, which eventually led me to this site�which is itself unbelievable! so thorough and nicley done, it is clear that it is the product of many hours of work and love! The next day, I went to Target and bought some loose packs�no bonus box though, either there or at Wal-Mart as our local Wally does not sell trading cards out of fear of them being stolen�but I was able to put together the entire new set. My seven year old son, who was skeptical at first, even became smitten with them when I showed him Go-Dirt as he likes Go-Gurt! Seeing the look of understanding and joy when he realized the parody was cool. What more, as an English teacher, it is useful for me to teach him the concepts of parody and satire! Thanks for a great site and for helping those fun, old memories to resurface!

date: 9:38 am - Monday, July 5, 2004

message: 342
name: Spandexia

I luv Crust toothpaste. I use it. I sexxx it. Crust for Life yo!!

Wacko Jacko is hott

date: 3:36 pm - Sunday, July 4, 2004

message: 341
name: Sandi

I told my 9 yo son about Wacky Packs a few weeks ago - the fad that I was really into when I was his age. He received his Boys Life magazine last week, and there they were! We just went to Target tonight and got a pack of the new ones. He loved them!! I'm glad they're back.

Thanks for the site. It brought back feelings from long ago - seeing the cards that I got. It's so funny how different they look now that I'm actually familiar with the products. LOL

Does anyone remember the gum that came with them that was as hard as a rock??!!

date: 10:52 pm - Saturday, July 3, 2004


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