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Wacky Packages - 8th Series 2011 - Unopened Packs

0-777-89-01-1Hobby, Retail, Bonus, Valuefoil, 8 stickers
0-777-89-02-1Rack Pack Boxfoil, 8 stickers
0-721-89-01-1Flow Pack w/gumfoil (flow pack) 3 stickers plus gum
0-791-54-01-1Blister Packwhite, 8 stickers
0-763-54-01-1Gravity Feeds Type 1white, 8 stickers
0-763-89-01-1Gravity Feed Type 2foil, 8 stickers
0-763-89-02-1Gravity Feed Type 3foil, (flow pack) 4 stickers

Credit to Patrick Zimmerman for this information and the scans