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Topps Wacky Packages
1st Series 2004 Promotional Items
  1. February 19th promo letter to dealers
  2. The red promo flyer:   front,  inside page 1,  inside page 2,  back
    • released early, around March, contains a sticker image that was never released - Plop on Pop
  3. Early letter sent to dealers with preliminary checklist
  4. One sided red flyer
  5. Red Folder for holding promotional material sent to dealers.
  6. The green promo flyer: front,  back
    • released late April/early May
  7. The white Excell Marketing sheet seen displayed in Target.
  8. A one sheet single side flyer with images of seven stickers.
  9. Three stickers released in March and given away in Garbage Pail II packs and to dealers.
  10. Three stickers on a sheet, inserted into comic books and magazines in May/June.
  11. Another promo letter to dealers
  12. Auction preview flyer - one sided
  13. Poster inserts are found in hobby boxes.
  14. Flyer for the 15 second t.v. commercial for the new series.