Wacky Packages 2004 1st Series Boxes
Box Name
Hobby Box1-777-30-01-40-777-89-01-424 unpriced packs and poster
Retail Box1-777-30-01-40-777-89-01-424 unpriced packs
Retail Box1-791-30-01-40-791-89-01-424 priced packs (99c)
Retail Box1-791-30-02-40-791-89-02-424 unpriced packs
Wal Mart Bonus Box1-789-30-02-40-789-89-01-4contains eleven priced packs (99c) (also contains Asteroids Bonus Sticker B1)
Target Bonus Box1-789-30-01-40-789-89-01-4contains eleven priced packs (99c) (also contains Coach Motel Bonus Sticker B2)

Thanks to Dave Schmidt for helping sort out this information