Follow these links to pictures of uncut Wacky Pack sheets

Die-Cut proof sheet with correction notes
Die-Cut proof sheet
Die-Cut sheet (without Ratz or Cracked Animals)
Wacky Ad
Series 1 cloth, 1973
Series 1, 1973 (high quality image)
1st Series Mysterious Mockup Sheet
Series 2, 1973 (Proof sheet with Buggies)
Series 2, 1973 (A sheet, without Run Tony)
Series 2, 1973 (B sheet, without Run Tony) (high quality image)
Series 3, 1973 (A sheet) (high quality image)
Series 3, 1973 (A sheet, without Dr. Ono)
Series 4, 1973 (B sheet without Bum Chex, Choke Wagon, Windhex, or Mess Caliroil)
Series 4, 1973 (B sheet) with Mess Clairoil/Winhex (high quality image)
Series 4, 1973 (A and B still connected, Mess Clairoild/Windhex)
Series 4 OPC, 1973
Series 5 (B sheet), 1973
Series 5 (proof) sheet, 1973
Series 6, 1973/1974 (B sheet, with Runaway/Truant)
Series 6, 1973/1974 (B sheet, without Runaway/Truant)
Series 7, 1973 (A sheet, Dusty-Greasy)
Series 8, 1974 (B sheet)
Series 9, 1974 (A sheet)
Series 10, 1974 (A sheet)
Series 11, 1974 (B sheet)
Series 12, 1974 (B sheet)
Series 12, 1974 (Proof Sheet)
Series 13, 1975 (B sheet)
Series 14, 1975
Series 15, 1975
Series 16, 1976 (Scoot with copyright)
First Wonder Bread sheet, circa 1973/4
Second Wonder Bread sheet, 1974
Third Wonder Bread sheet, Feb 1975
1st mail in wall poster, 1974 (with Weakies)
2nd mail in wall poster, 1974 (without Weakies)
3rd mail in wall poster, 1979 (rerun series)
1st U.K. proof sheet 1974
1st series rerun, 1979    back
2nd series rerun, 1979    back
3rd series rerun, 1980    back
4th series rerun, 1980    back
1985 Topps    back
1987 OPC    (back is same as 3rd rerun, except for date "1987")
1988 OPC    back
1989 OPC    back
1991 Topps - with Barf's    back
1992 OPC    (back is same as 1991 Topps)
Found, but no picture yet: 2nd with run tony, 7th with grime heavy and without big muc, 14th, 1991 with Tattoo Skins.
Unfound: some of the unfound uncut sheets include: die-cut with ratz/cracked, wacky ad without good 'n empty, 10th without pupsi, 1977 shedds, 1982, "all OPC except 4th orignial, '87, '88, '89, and 1992".

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credits: Thanks to Jeff Weiss for donating images of his sheets, and thanks to Phil Carpenter and Paul Argyropoulos for permission to reproduce the images of their sheets appearing in "The Wacky Pack Handbook."