Wacky Packages Coffee Table Book
(1st Edition, 1st Printing) 2008
SERIES 1 thru 7

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Bonus Stickers

This book was printed at least five times and each time the stickers were changed.

Summary of Bonus Stickers in all printings

These four were available in 1st and 4th printings only

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Topps has finally produced a coffee table book about Wacky Packages with exclusive bonus stickers and interviews. Such a book has been a long time coming and will finally hit the street, release date is April 30th. This book features Series 1-7 from 1973-74.
  • Hardcover with dust jacket, measuring 5 7/8" wide, 7 1/2" high, 1" thick, 240 pages, 1 lb 3 ounces.

  • A total of 29,398 copies were printed.
    • 15,000 1st printing
    • The 2nd through 6th printings combined add up to another 14,398 copies
      • The 2nd thru 6th printings combined constitute less copies than the 1st printing

  • The pages are stitched in, rather than just glued. It's more expensive to produced a stitched book and it's a lot more durable. Abrams went the extra mile on that to make a better product.

  • There are special forwards by legendary Wacky Pack artists Art Spiegelman and Jay Lynch.

  • Art Spiegelman was a pioneer in Wacky Packages, conceiving all of the 1st series titles you remember from 1973. He went on to win the Pulitzer Prize in 1992.
    • He hasn't talked about Wackys in decades so this article is greatly anticipated.

  • Jay Lynch has been involved in Wackys since the 60's conceiving over half of the 70's Wackys and he has a keen perspective on the genre.

  • The book features pictures of all 232 stickers from series 1-7 (they are just pictures not actual stickers).

  • Also included are three never before published "Lost Wackys" (actual stickers) exclusively available only with this book, and a version of Muller Beer not seen since 1967.

  • Eleven anomolies have been found so far.

  • Reviewed on CNN

  • Purchase here "1st edition guarnateed 1st Printing regular" or "1st edition 2nd Printing signed by both Art Spiegelman and Jay Lynch" (only 20 2nd printing books were signed).

  • The book retailed for $19.95.

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  • The 2nd Printing has four different bonus stickers