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message: 48
name: Joe Smith
email: macroclemis@aol.com

Just got into this site from another one.I want to sell my Wacky Packs collection - 25 Tans & 45 Whites, near complete 70's #3, Run Tony, Weakinson (2),Sell'em, Oscar the Mayor, National Geografink and many more, all Tan backs. Also, two Gadzooka puzzles and two Beanball puzzles complete.
My Canadian checklists only list 24 stickers for #3, instead of 30. First sticker listed is Neveready.(these are printed in Canada) My 2nd Series checklists start with Gurgle baby food (they're printed in the US)Is this significant?
Email me for a complete list with series#, quantites etc.
Complete your set today! Get that rare one you've been looking for.

date: 11:54 am - Thursday, May 2, 2002

message: 47
name: Brian
email: Sfcrab@yahoo.com

I still have my Wacky Packages puzzle. It's basically looks like a bunch of Wackys spread out over eachother. I tihnk it's a mix of a few series. Does anyone else have one and know if they made other puzzles?

date: 4:14 pm - Friday, April 19, 2002

message: 46
name: shamrock
email: theshamrockgirl@aol.com

In 1973 I had a pant suit made of wacky packages material. I wore it to school on photo day. They called me wacky package girl. I took all of my wacky packages and stuck them in a book so I'd never lose them. I didn't know one day they would be worth so much. I have about all of the series 1thru 8 and they are all stuck in a book.If stuck in a book can they still have value??? The book is a photo album type book for keeping momentos.

date: 6:16 pm - Tuesday, April 16, 2002

message: 45
name: snarl
email: cmd14f13@hotmail.com

one of the most entertaining sites
ive seen i wish i had saved my
wackys they are very funny

date: 11:33 pm - Friday, April 12, 2002

message: 44
name: Tom
email: tjbeckman@sbcglobal.net

I still have around 1200 Wackies from the first 16 series that I collected as a kid. I've added about 3000 more since. They are without a doubt my fondest memory of childhood. I was obsessed with them from the first day I laid eyes on them. I became the Wacky Kingpin of my Catholic school. We traded back and forth daily; I eventually hoarded every single sticker I could get from everyone. I knew even then that they were a classic. I've kept them in flawless condition for almost 30 years. I guess they're probably worth some dough; but I'm not sure I could ever part with them. Love the website; keep it up!

date: 2:20 pm - Tuesday, April 9, 2002

message: 43
name: gary james dean
email: gdean87@cogeco.ca

hi my name is gary james dean also known as jamie. i collected wacky packages when i was a kid and still would buy them today if i see any. when i was a kid i stuck them everywhere, on my bike, lunch pail bedroom you name it, you might as well say that my room looked like a subway in new york city.

date: 5:06 am - Friday, March 29, 2002

message: 42
name: sarah

hi all...my mom and uncle were talkin about these one day (reliving their childhood as you all are) and i just thought it was all really cool...great site and im gonna buy the poster. i think they should start making these again they are really clever and seem to be very fun!

date: 6:36 pm - Thursday, March 28, 2002

message: 41
name: rodger a smith
email: rodger.a.smith@delta-air.com

great site! like everyone else who visits this site,i can relive a part of my childhood.i have the complete number 6 series and will never part with them.wackys rule!

date: 4:37 am - Tuesday, March 26, 2002

message: 40
name: Alain Brown
email: res07rjy

I'm glad to take a trip down memory lane. Thanks.

date: 12:29 am - Thursday, March 21, 2002

message: 39
name: Nora Preece
email: crackedanimals@hotmail.com

To a neat guy: Greg, your site is an amazing archive, not to mention beautifully and thoughtfully done. The hobby has you to thank for maintaining such a dynamic and sophisticated tribute.

You have great visual info, but I especially like the anecdotal stuff. How about adding a section for Wacky Package references in contemporary writing and/or art?

date: 12:56 am - Saturday, March 16, 2002


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