Wacky Packages buyers info
Wacky Packages buyers and eBay info


A large percentage of the common Wacky Packs change hands these days on eBay. This is a truly double edged sword in the hobby, on one hand it gives buyers and sellers a very easy forum for finding each other, on the other hand, eBay is rife with poor sellers. Your main obstacle on ebay will be getting stuff which is not massively over-graded. As often as you can find a good deal, you will get stuck with overgraded trash, so to put together a decent set typically requires buying over and over and upgrading until you get lucky and find someone with good stuff at a good price. You'll get a few steals, but when you average it all out with the dogs you'll usually find you overpaid on eBay. And eBay themselves have increasingly fascist rules every year, with increasing fees and decreasing customer service (who needs customer service when you're a monopoly), and increasing disinterest in stopping fraud (they don't care if you get burned, as long as they get their fee). This is why more and more people are fed up with eBay and look for other sources. You can either shop at the store on this site, where all wackys are accurately graded and come with a 100% no-questions-asked guarantee, or you can post on the discussion forum and try to get to know other collectors who might be able to help with extras or who might be selling off eBay. Beyond these options it seems for now we are stuck with eBay until the government breaks them up as a predatory monopoly (which could be sooner rather than later given how badly their greed is running away with itself).

Given all of this, there are a few things you can do to end up a happy collector instead of a bitter one.