Lost Wackys 3rd Series
Lost Wackys 3rd Series 2011 Garbage Can Dan (GPK) Remastered Version 2
This is the (infamous) very first Garbage Pail Kids ever produced. Indeed the first GPK was a Wacky Package. It must have been intended for the 1985 Series, but they ultimately did not include it.

Later when Cabbage Patch Kids became so popular they made an entire product based on Garbage Pail Kids. Nevertheless, this first one was never actually printed by Topps, perhaps because it was destroyed by the CEO in a fit of rage over the law suit with Cabbage Patch Kids.

The only surviving image was low resolution, and as such it was included in Lost Wackys Series 1. Since then some industrious artists worked very hard to bring it back to its original quality. The remastered version is included here in Lost Wackys Series 3.

This card is the first Lost Wacky to be graded by PSA.

This is version 2 of the LW3 card, where he has his pointer finger sticking out see version 1 here and see comparison here.