Lost Wackys Series 1
Lost Wackys Series 1 GPK Proofs

An initial print was done of the GPK sticker to test a particular paper stock. Ultimately this paper was not used, but a few dozen of the proof stickers exist as rare variations. They were printed in three different sizes. The small one is the correct size 2.5 x 3.5". The others are bigger than a normal sticker. Printing them at the larger size was a mistake by the printer. The image was modified to have the kid giving the thumb's up, as an inside joke, these were never supposed to be distributed they were supposed to be destroyed. But inevitably they eventually surfaced, a few even found their way into the sealed packs. As a result there are now three LW1 hand configurations, the normal, the middle finger and the thumbs up (aka the Fonz variation). LW3 introduced yet another variation.