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- Ovary Show -

This is a unique title in the Wacky Packages universe. It was painted by the master Norm Saunders himself back in the 70's and given to Len Brown as a gift. Len eventually parted with it and it made its way into Lost Wacky history when it was included as a bonus sticker with Lost Wackys series 1.

The model on the original Ivory Snow box is none other than Maralyn Chambers, famous porn actress. This no doubt is what motivated Norm Saunders to paint this one (warning: image has been censored, however it is still adult material, follow link at your own risk), which he gave to Len Brown back in the 70's as a gift. Yep, a genuine, vintage, Norm Saunders X-rated Wacky Pack, who would have thought such a thing existed? This is a "lost" wacky, or more like an underground wacky, that has barely seen the light of day until now. We asked Zina, Norm's daughter, if she had a problem with us sharing it with the world. Zina is as cool as one could imagine and her response was as follows:

Quoting Zina Saunders: