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Topps Wacky Packages
Lost Wackys Series 1
  • 1st Series Lost Wackys was sold out almost as soon as it was printed. Only 120 sets were made. They still turn up but they go for hundreds of dollars. However it is possible to find various singles and puzzles, some of which are available here.

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    Antenmann's v1,v2Janitor in a SlumPig Lips Tea                      
    Buggies v1, v2KillPig Pen v1, v2
    ClodfatherThe Little Barmaid v1, v2      Bacteria
    FanatikMidget RicePorkie
    Fool-Aid v1, v2Mixwell Hearse v1, v2Richie Retch
    Garbage Pail Kids v1, v2, v3MonsterettesRotting Zone
    Gooya v1, v2Mr Potato Famine v1, v2Sea Honkies
    GristlersUsneezeTaster's Choke
    Hawaiian Punks v1, v2Nastee Crush v1, v2Unlucky Dog
    Irvings SoapTushie Roll v1, v2Winsome
    Lost Gum v1 pink, v2 green

  • LW1 sets are long sold out however we have a few singles available.

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    A fair number of proof and test items were generated in producing Lost Wackys series one. Different papers and printers were used, different wrappers and sheets were tested. Since these items have become highly collectible, we have assembled a master list here, so that people will know what is legitimate and what is suspect. If it's not on this list then it's probably not real.