Wacky Packages Flashback Series II 2008
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Topps Wacky Packages
Flashback Series II 2008

The Flashback Series II - released approximately December 10th, 2008

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Basic Information:

  • There are:
    • 72 different stickers in the Base Set, numbered 1 to 72 - in five border variations (360 cards altogether):
      • Black Borders
      • Green Borders (please check back)
      • Pink Borders (please check back)
      • Silver Borders (please check back)
      • Gold Borders
    • Printing plates
      • The original metal printing plates have been cut up and placed randomly into packs.
      • There are five different colors of each title resulting in a total of 360 plates.
      • See example (more scans coming)
    • Ten Motion Cards (aka "lenticulars")
    • Four bonus stickers
    • One promo card

  • Cards 51-56 were painted by Norm Saunders, left over from the 80's unreleased can label series.
  • Cards 64-72 are never before released 'lost' wackys left over from the never released 1992 series.
  • There are:
  • The Target Bonus Box is the only bonus box in this series.
    • Wal Mart and Toys-R-Us boxes were cancelled

  • Announcement Flyer
  • Preliminary Checklist
    • Note: this checklist was preliminary and changed before the final release