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2004 1st Series
La Chew (La Choy Chicken Chow Mein)
Scrapple (Snapple)
Cold Fish (Gold Fish Crackers)
Chimps Ahoy (Chips Ahoy)
Sludge Shoppe (Keebler Fudge Shoppe Deluxe Grahams)
Foot Gushers (Fruit Gushers)
Go-Dirt (Yoplait Go-Gurt)
Chimp Stick (Chap Stick)
Hairy Patter (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix)
Gutterade (Gatorade)
Spittles (Skittles)
Batz (Bratz basic Yasmin Doll)
Gravestones (Flintstones Vitamins)
Mr. Coffin (Mr. Coffee)
Lame Boy (Game Boy)
Frosted Snakes (Frosted Flakes)
Macaroni for Geese (Macaroni and Cheese)
Fright Castle (White Castle)
Dork (York Peppermint Patty)
Mean Cuisine (Lean Cuisine)
Zit Cat (Kit Kat)
Slop Tarts (Pop Tarts)
Peter Panhandle (Peter Pan Peanut Butter)
Struggle (Snuggle)
Who Cares Bears? (Care Bears)
Obit (Orbit)
Nutti-Brain (Nutri-Grain)
Tix (Trix)
Baby Poop (Baby Bottle Pop)
Bling Pup (Ring Pop)
Sneez-it (Cheez-it)
Error (Era Detergent)
Gearios (Cheerios)
Choperation (Operation)
Martha Skewered (Martha Stewart Magazine)
Sneakers (Snickers)
Pus Pop (Push Pop)
Grand Theft Audio (Grand Theft Auto Vice City)
Antenmann's (Entenmann's)
Aquaflush (Aquafresh)
Lice Cakes (Chico-San Rice Cakes)
My Little Phony (My Little Pony Pinkie Pie)
Nuttin' Butta (Nabisco Nutter Butter)
Smellios (Ellio's Pizza)
Foolgers (Folgers Coffee)
Dead Bull (Red Bull Energy Drink)
Sludgesicle (Fudgesicle)
Sicken McSluggets (Chicken McNuggets)
Anvil (Advil)
Welts (Welch's Grape Jelly)
Gormel (Hormel)
Clodlike (Klondike Bar)
Scarburst (Starburst)
Sslips (Ssips)
Snots (Dots)
Asteroids (Altoids)
Coach Motel (Roach Motel)



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