Topps Wacky Packages 11th Series 1974
Topps Wacky Packages
11th Series 1974

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  • This series was released around November/December 1974.
  • Packs have two stickers, a checklist, and a piece of gum.
  • There are nine different checklist backs which come together to form a Planet of the Grapes puzzle.
  • There are 30 titles.
  • Topps had originally planned to release a sticker series entirely of magazine cover parodies, done by the same artists who did Wacky Packs. This could have been in response to Fleer's Crazy Covers. About 30 titles were produced, but the series was never released, instead they were incorporated into the 11th and 13th series of Wacky Packs. This is why there are so many magazine titles in these series.
  • sticker copyrights:
  • All stickers are tan backs.

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11th Series Checklist
Saturday Evening Ghost        Planet of the Grapes Gulp Oil        
Seventon Moron Chicken Dinner Progreaso Sauce                  
Unpopular Mechanics            Bird Brain Leftovers        Saparin Coffee
National Geografink      Chimpanzee Spark Plug        Stinkertoy
Easy Cuss-words      Decay Toothpaste FIB Detergent
Family Circuit          Swiss Fright Cheese Comit Cleanser
TV Garbage Muler's Dregg Noodles        Bash Detergent
61 Magazine King O'Scare Sardines Alpain Cereal
Mud Chaffed & Sunburn Coffee         Cult 45
Sleepy Mr. Bog Wet Bread Dizzie Cups      

Saturday Evening Ghost
Unpopular Mechanics
National Geografink
Easy Cuss-words
Family Circuit
TV Garbage
61 Magazine
Planet of the Grapes
Moron Chicken Dinner
Bird Brain Leftovers
Chimpanzee Spark Plug
Decay Toothpaste
Swiss Fright Cheese
Muler's Dregg Noodles
King O'Scare Sardines
Chaffed & Sunburn Coffee
Mr. Bog Wet Bread
Gulp Oil
Progreaso Sauce
Saparin Coffee
FIB Detergent
Comit Cleanser
Bash Detergent
Alpain Cereal
Cult 45
Dizzie Cups