The following was left in the guestbook of this site, entry 207
entry 207
name: Rob Asmus 
I actually owned a "Harm & Hammer" t-shirt when I was a kid. It was dark
orange - I noticed this wasn't mentioned with the other "Wacky" t-shirts. 
Whether or not it was an official copyrighted T, I couldn't tell you. I 
remember the lettering blended with the shirt, though, in a darker 
orange-brown colour. I remember it was my favorite shirt at the time 
(circa 1975)! I also made some of my own Wacky-Packs around that time 
(Oil is Okay; Gory carpet cleaner, Quakey Oats, and by coincidence, 
Aqua-Flesh!!) Thanks for bringing back the memories, Greg.
date: 4:53 pm - Saturday,April 26, 2003