Hi all,

Finally got this figured out:

Putting together a memorial for Jay in NYC, on friday nite
(right before the MOCCA comix Festival on Saturday).  A number
of friends and fellow arteests will attend and share memories.
It'll be open to all and feel free to pass this announcement
along to others who would want to celebrate Jay. But since we're
trying to figure out space size, "catering" etc... PLEASE  do
let us know if you're planning to be there, and if you'll be
bringing plus ones or whatever. And if you pass this forward
ask that they cc as well, so we can try to provide enough twinkies
for all at the small reception to follow....

(If you can't, alas, come but wanna send memories we can read
them at the gathering.)

Friday, March 31st•7:00-9:00 pm

SVA Amphitheater,
Room 311,
located in the main campus building

209 East 23rd St., New York, NY 10010

(23rd Street between 3rd & 2nd Ave.)


RSVP to Jane Keshop (Art's factotum and robot assistant)

& CC To
Caitlin McGurk at the Billy Ireland Museum at OSU
soon a cleansing!

jane keshop (for art)