Jay Lynch Personalized Wacky Pack Drawings

Jay Lynch is one of the major and pioneering artists of Wacky Packages going back all the way to the 60's. He has conceived more titles than anybody, including at least half of the 2004 1st Series.

Now you can get your own personalized Jay Lynch Wacky Pack drawing, hand drawn just for you and unique. Great for the old-time collector looking for something unique and special, or also makes a fantastic gift for any Wacky Pack fan (perfect Christmas gift for the Wacky Pack collector who has everything).

The drawings are done in pen-and-ink on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. You choose the Wacky Pack title to base it on, and who it should be dedicated to. Jay will do the rest. Or you can have a particular inscription of your choice - just provide it when you order, along with any other special instructions you might have.

The drawings are being offered at $300 shipped for black and white. Color drawings are not available. Please email greg@wackypackages.org to arrange a purchase. Payment can be made by check, money order, paypal, credit card. They take about two to three weeks to complete. Thank you.