Wacky Packages Boxes Checklist
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Die Cuts-CampyYellow/Red1-414-37-01-7N/AN/A
Die Cuts-TastyYellow/Red1-414-37-01-8N/AN/A
5c AdsBlue1-412-37-01-9N/AChicken Fat, Poopsi
10c AdsYellow1-418-37-01-9N/APoopsi (Rectangular)
ClothPink1-456-37-01-3N/ATied, Quacker, Weakies, Crust
1stPurple1-422-40-01-3N/AStick Em Anyplace
2ndPurple1-422-40-01-3NEW SERIES 5-438-46-01-1Stick Em Anyplace
3rdPurple1-422-40-01-33rd SERIES 5-4??-46-01-2Stick Em Anyplace
Blue1-436-40-01-3N/AFunnier Than Ever
4thYellow1-462-40-01-34th SERIES 5-433-46-01-2Slap Em Every Place
Blue1-436-40-01-34th SERIES 5-433-46-01-2Funnier Than Ever
5thYellow1-462-40-01-35th SERIES 5-434-46-01-2Slap Em Every Place
Blue1-436-40-01-35th SERIES 5-434-46-01-2Funnier Than Ever
6thYellow - W/art1-462-40-01-36th SERIES 5-435-46-01-2Slap Em Every Place
Yellow - W/O art1-462-40-01-46th SERIES 5-435-46-01-2Slap Em Every Place
7thYellow - W/art1-462-40-01-37th SERIES 5-463-46-01-3Slap Em Every Place
Yellow - W/O art1-462-40-01-47th SERIES 5-463-46-01-3Slap Em Every Place
Green1-465-40-01-47th SERIES 5-463-46-01-3Funnier Than Ever
Yellow - Gumless1-455-40-01-4N/ANew Series
8thGreen1-465-40-01-4 8th SERIES 5-4??-46-01-4Funnier Than Ever
9thOrange1-407-40-01-4 9th SERIES 5-473-46-01-4Funnier Than Ever
10thBlue1-477-40-01-410th SERIES 5-477-46-01-4Slap Em Every Place
11thBlack1-478-40-01-411th SERIES 5-478-46-01-4Funnier Than Ever
Orange1-407-40-01-411th SERIES 5-478-46-01-4Funnier Than Ever
12thWhite1-476-40-01-412th SERIES 5-476-46-01-4Wackier Than Ever
13thOrange1-407-40-01-413th SERIES 5-483-46-01-4Funnier Than Ever
14thBlue1-477-40-01-414th SERIES 5-489-46-01-5Slap Em Every Place
15thBlack1-478-40-01-415th SERIES 5-490-46-01-5Funnier Than Ever
16thRed1-495-70-01-7N/AAll New
Reprint # 1Red - Yellow price1-483-70-01-9N/A1979
Reprint # 1Red - Black price1-483-70-01-9N/A1979
Reprint # 2Purple1-484-70-01-9N/ANew Series
Reprint # 3Yellow1-485-70-01-0N/A3rd Series
Reprint # 4Green1-489-70-01-0N/A4th Series
Reprint # 1 - OPCRed15c/36 countN/A
Reprint # 2/3 - OPCYellow25c/36 countN/A
Reprint # 4 - OPCPurple20c/36 countN/A
1985Yellow1-450-40-01-4N/AAll New 1985
1985 - OPCYellow25c/36 countN/A
1991 - 48 countGreen/Black - 48 count1-481-40-01-1N/A
1991 60 countGreen/Black - 60 count1-481-44-01-0N/A
1982 - AlbumsYellow577 - 16 ctN/A
1982 - OPCYellow6676-82 - 100 ctN/A
1982 - OPC AlbumsYellow6686-82 - 16 ctN/A
1987 - OPCYellow/3rd25c/36 countN/A
1988 - OPCRed/4th25c/36 countN/A
1989 - OPC
(box says "1988" but sticker copyright says "1989")
Yellow/5th25c/36 countN/A
1992 - OPCGreen/Black45c/36 countN/A
1st OPCPurpleN/AWeakies, Quacker, Mrs. Klean
2nd OPCPurple5-438-46-01-0NEW SERIES 5-438-46-01-0Weakies, Fink, Mrs.Klean
3rd OPC (??)
Unknown exactly what box was used.
It's possible this box contained 3rd series OPC.
PurpleUncoded?Minute Lice, Fink, Mrs.Klean
4th OPC
In spite of the 2nd Series sticker, this blue box
definitely contained 4th Series OPC stickers
BlueUncoded2nd seriesMinute Lice, Fink, Mrs.Klean
5c PostersPale Blue1-416-37-01-3N/AWeakies
10c PostersBlue1-408-06-01-4N/AGeneric Soup Can
2c TattooYellow1-305-00-01-3N/A2c each
3c TattooYellow1-330-02-01-4N/A3c each or 2 for 5c
Refrig. magnetsYellowUncodedN/AN/A
Irish TestWhiteUncodedN/AN/A
1st UKOrangeWormy, Ajerx, Motorzola
2nd UKOrangeWormy, Ajerx, Motorzola
Cloth PatchesGrey - 39 centsUncodedN/AN/A
Cloth PatchesGrey - 19 centsUncodedN/AN/A
ANS1 (6 different boxes)24 pack retail box
Walmart Bonus Box
Target Bonus Box
ANS2 Box (14 different boxes)24 pack thin box
24 pack retail box
Target Bonus Box
Walmart Bonus Box
Gravity Feed Version 1
Gravity Feed Version 2
Blister Pack
ANS3 Boxes (17 different boxes)
ANS4 Boxes (8 different boxes)
ANS5 Boxes (8 different boxes)
ANS6 Boxes (8 different boxes)
ANS7 Boxes (we are assembling the full list, please check back)
ANS8 Boxes (we are assembling the full list, please check back)
Old School 1
Old School 2
Old School 3
Old School 4
Old School 5
Flashback I Boxes (9 different boxes)
Flashback II Boxes (7 different boxes)